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Liberian’s Next Supermodel competition aims to promote Liberia’s rich culture through Tourism, Fashion, Beauty and Unity. will showcase the character, elegance, intelligence, and beauty a Liberian woman exudes. The contestants participating in this competition would be selected from the 15 different counties in Liberia. Each girl would be expended to know the history of Liberia and her county.

Mission of Hope Orphanage Inc shelters orphans in Liberia. The founder of MOH Debra Mace left her home in Kansas City to assist orphans at a refugee camp in Ghana. While working with the orphans at the camp, she and her husband decided to start Mission of Hope Orphanage. In 2008, she relocated the orphans to Liberia because of the repatriation unfolding in the camp in Ghana. MOH has accomplished the construction of a new orphanage home and a school building.

M.Brulee,Inc. founder and Designer Michelle Price received her Bachelor of Science degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology [FIT] in New York and Master of Science degree from Philadelphia University. With over 8 years experience working for top labels in the Fashion industry, Michelle combines her education, experience and love of art and fashion into each piece she creates. Check out her website:

Pinky Promises Inc. was founded by Mrs. Amikco Marolt in December 2006. Pinky Promises provides services to youth in the USA.

Saya shoe collection is very much inspired by New York City. From the names of the sandals, to the ideas behind the creations, New York has been Sayas’ muse. A unique blend of classic bohemian is the trademark of the designer. She pays homage to vintage clothing in her handmade sandals. Like her personality, her sandals are bright, fun, one of a kind, and appealing to a wide range of people. Her own personal use of flip flops as shoes to change into during commutes is what sparked the idea to make flip flops for everyday wear without having to forfeit style.